While for some, intimacy is a concept that evokes considerable anxiety, Freeman’s photographs lends his viewers comfortable doses with a gentle hand and a skillful eye. His series captures women of the fantasy-girl-next-door variety, accompanied by a similarly dreamy tone. The images are beautiful, whimsical, and effortlessly sexy. His first self-published book includes intimate images taken from his daily life, from his own family playing Spades to his friends picnicking in parks. Freeman’s published and print work gives his audience a chance to take their engagement with his craft out of Instagram or the internet, and experience it somewhere real.

Fortunately for us, Freeman’s work is available in print and here on his website where large resolution, full screen images afford you, the viewer, space and time to exist alone with the image. Freeman’s work is truly beautiful. Truly suggestted taking more than a moment to sit with some of it.

Written by: Danielle Schnur

Most of my work that I really care for, my actual hard work, I put somewhere tangible somewhere you can physically hold onto it, look at it… throw it at somebody, throw it at me! You can do anything with tangible product.

- F R E E • M A N

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